just a start  Very interesting meeting, with the budget passed, some feeling of optimism around  a shift to a green economy. What would a change from old economy to green look like, major for silicon valley. Will the effort have positive implications for the full community, or be encapsulated? What regulations get in the way, what would help. We saw the green as embedded in but not equivalent to the whole community. This looks like a strategic organizing principle, so next week  we will focus on graphics to represent this.


We discussed the interdependence of

  • free market
  • capital and
  • corporations

and the tendency of corporations to control markets and avoid charter provisions. This, we aggreed is noe a newly opened question, given the falures in the financial system.

We also mentioned the need to involve

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Silicon Valley Joint Ventures

8 am Thursday 2/12

February 16, 2009

Minutes from thursday Feb 12

8 am Thursday 2/12


Pink slips threatened by Schwarzenegger – if budget isn’t passed

Prison population over crowded by 55000

Robin – supervisors office in SF – huge concert at Stern Grove – Park and Recreation raised over $1m and set it aside into a specific fund for GG Park

Auto worker restructuring come to terms – 10% layoff and more to come – supplier networks throughout US and in this area will be affected

Good news –

Rockefeller law passed in NY,

Chinese want to cooperate, Clinton going to China to discuss climate change

20 million out of work, retraining programs in local towns

Bill – I am humbled to have this time so appreciate it – I don’t claim to have the individual wisdom to have the collective wisdom of this group – I am going to take the opportunity, we have touched on sustainable food systems – let me set the context for discussion

Broad observations – then 3 specific projects Read the rest of this entry »

The discussion was on food as promised. Please add notes in the comments.