Creating interchange among organizations concerned about the future under stressful economic times, willing to learn from each other and develop a stronger capacity to be strategic. We meet thursday morning, 8-9 at 410 Sherman in Palo Alto at the Palo Alto Strategy Center in the RichGreenInk building.

The purpose is to link organizations in the Region that are concerned with the emerging stressessful economic and social situation, looking to learn fromeach other, make connections, and be more strategic.



“Continuing the Conversation” began as a series of meetings in second half of 2008 between Linda Alepin (Global Women’s Leadership Network), Doug Carmichael (Stanford), Jeff Chow (Morgan Stanley), and Anne Firth Murray (Stanford, formerly Global Fund for Women).  It was clear that the impact of the economic crisis of 2008 was going to be dramatic and that we should take action. 

Our goal is to help people and our society cope with the rapid deterioration in our economic and social environments and manage the efforts to stimulate a recovery toward a healthier community.  

In times of uncertainty and confusion, we should evaluate and clarify our current situation, clarify our goals and develop a strategic plan with the tactics to support our strategies.   To help coordinate and streamline our efforts, “Continuing the Conversation” is hosting strategic conversations between concerned individuals from Nonprofit, For-profit and academic organizations where we can:

o    Learn from each other,
o Track current events,
o  Examine different projects, their strategies and related tactics,
o      Clarify goals,
o See linkages and synergies to other efforts,
o   Identify gaps,
o Ask for help, and
o      Increase the range of participation, diversity, and breadth of our efforts. 

We invite you to participate in our conversations.   We meet weekly on Thursday mornings at 8 AM.

Palo Alto Strategy Center, located upstairs at Rich Green Ink
410 Sherman Ave. (near El Camino and California)
Palo Alto, CA
Every Thursday from 8:00 to 9:00 am,


Thursday, February 12, 2009
Topic:  Sustainable Food Sources that are:
o        Environmentally sound,
o Economically viable,
o   Socially responsible,
o  Nonexploitative, and
o   Serve as a foundation for future generations.

Bill Leland
UC Santa Cruz

One Response to “About”

  1. dave davison Says:

    i look forward to being there to get the sense of the specific topic and also how the CTC group process works.

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