nuclear goes, bounces back?

April 18, 2011

Libération – France

Nuclear phaseout a long-winded affair

The head of the company operating the damaged nuclear reactor in Fukushima announced on the weekend that it will take another three months to ensure the adequate cooling of the reactors and the storage pool on site. The left-liberal daily Libération writes that it will be a lot longer before the world can fully turn its back on nuclear energy: “There is no end to the drama, the emergency lags on. The feeling of abandonment will never have been so strong among the survivors in the region and the 80,000 displaced persons who still don’t know if they’ll ever be able to go back home. … The countdown concerns not only the Japanese, but also all the major powers. Serious researchers confirm it will take at least three or four decades to come up with a realistic alternative to nuclear energy. So no one has put nuclear technology behind them yet, or Fukushima and its devastating consequences either, for that matter.” (18/04/2011)

The momentum of contemporary society is huge.

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