anger at change

April 18, 2011

Protest against social change

The right-wing populist True Finns have today’s rusty political and social structures to thank for their success in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, writes the tabloid Iltalehti: “Neither the scandal over party financing nor the euro crisis caused this landslide. Many are fed up with the party structure that’s been in place now for over a century, in which differences between the three large parties are increasingly difficult to discern. Above all the vote marks a wave of protest against social change, which many view as taking place too rapidly. Globalisation has rendered prospects uncertain, while it seems no one has the competence to make decisions. … The True Finns must now be given a real chance to shoulder responsibility.” (18/04/2011)

This fits the view that people are angry at the direction of society and use local methods to express it. Tea party the same, and, as our own two parties asymptote themselves, the same anger.

Progressive humanism or sane conservationism must negotiate this churn.

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