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February 8, 2011

Inji Amr, an Egyptian economist and novelist has written a guide on how Egyptians can do their bit for the economy amid the unrest. Here’s a sample:

• Don’t panic. Panic is bad…Your money isn’t going anywhere, no need to try to withdraw it all. Lets make sure there is enough liquidity to go around to guarantee normal business operations.

• Only buy dollars if they are essential for your business operations…A stable exchange rate reflects very positively in the global arena and will make recovery much faster once things are settled.

• Support the small guy. For example, the fruits and vegetables in the market are very perishable, when you buy, buy from the small guy with the wooden carts on street corners rather than the hypermarkets of the world.

• Go local… Some of the non-Egyptian players in the market have temporarily relocated, some have withdrawn their funds and business for good. This has created an opportunity in the market (I realise that’s an incredibly cup-half-full way to look at it).

• Be fuel-efficient. Limit the use of your motor vehicle, car pool, walk or bike.

• Spend your vacations in Egypt. Tourism sector may have been hit for a while, but there is absolutely no reason why we Egyptians shouldn’t take the opportunity to get to know our country better

Imagine such statements on the path to sustainability. The point is that, in extreme times, a certain sanity can emerge. There is almost a religious tone to the respect for the little.

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