The Kindling of Change – Readers’ Comments –

February 5, 2011

It is interesting to observe that the highest income inequality is that of the USA and yet the Republican and Tea Party demonstrate sustained support for protecting the ultra wealthy from taxation and making the middle class, the poor and those in poverty take blame and shame for the recession while the bankers and credit card companies go Scott free. If long, mid and short-term interest rates were limited by criminal statute usury laws to a maximum of 1.5%, 3% and 5%, respectively, and only 5% of total loan and good credit was required down to qualify for a home or small business loan, then the recession would end this year and unemployment would tank. It is all about money, the banks and ultra wealthy have it and the people don’t. The population of the few is holding the population of the many hostages, and the well connected and the ultra wealthy who bought the House, so-to-speak., profit easy. Freedom is only as good as one can afford it, otherwise it is an illusion. The middle class, the poor, and those in poverty live in Fantasyland Freedom as they await Heaven while the ultra wealthy live their heaven on Earth while they live, regardless of where they live. The national goal should be to build economic ladders to elevate all citizens to heaven on Earth in their lifetimes vice waiting on a ticket in the afterlife yet undefined and not guaranteed. Economic ladders start with money, cheap interest money. It is all about money, if you don’t have it and can’t afford it, sorry, your ticket to heaven on Earth is toast. One can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they have no money for boots.


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