Lazonick -seems interesting, tech and sustainability.

December 31, 2010

Phone: 617 233-2634

Office hours: Mondays, 3:00 PM-5:00PM, or by appointment

Course Description:

Regional development depends on the activities and performance of various types of business, government, and civil-society organizations. The term “organizational dynamics” refers to the interactions among different organizations as well as among participants within particular organizations that enable these organizations, individually and collectively, to develop and utilize their resources to achieve “superior performance” (which is itself in need of definition). In this course, we will ask who starts organizations, how organizations “learn” and grow, and what determines the distribution of the costs and benefits of organizational success – or failure. This course focuses mainly on


organizations. In a modern capitalist economy, the resources available to, and the potential impacts of, non-business – governmental and civil-society – organizations depend on the performance of the business sector. To interact with business organizations in ways that promote regional development, those working in governmental and civil-society organizations must understand organizational dynamics in the business sector. In particular, we seek to understand under what socioeconomic conditions and with what institutional support business organizations will generate higher quality, lower cost goods and services while contributing to “sustainable prosperity” – stable and equitable economic growth. Organizational Dynamics in Regional Development

and his new book

Sustainable Prosperity in the New Economy: Business Organization and High-Tech Employment in the United States (Paperback)
by William Lazonick

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