December 17, 2010

The lack of vision and stticking to the old paradigm. Cautious. Too cautious. Such efforts clog of the cuurent flow with the momentum of the past making real changes harder to initiate and carry through.


Increase economic security and revive the middle class, making 

the components of the American Dream affordable

First, we address the greatest burden on American businesses, American 

families and every level of government – the health care crisis. By building on 

the current employer-based health care system and creating a large national 

insurance pool based on the Medicare model, we are able to provide health 

insurance to every American while saving the economy billions of dollars over 

time. Likewise, it is possible to protect Social Security benefi ts without cuts, 

and create new Guaranteed Retirement Accounts that augment the government 

benefi ts and private pensions. New legislation can make the fi nancial system 

serve the real economy, protect consumers and prevent abuses by credit card 

and mortgage companies.

from  http://epi.3cdn.net/005c74614ed1b30570_6sm6b6b6a.pdf

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