Some serious writing about climate and water, and a proposal

November 1, 2010

from  a conversation on climate


 a 1993 article by Robert Kaplan in the Alantic Monthly

Add to that thinking this reference from the May issue of The Economist last year “Buying farmland abroad – Outsourcing’s third wave.”  ISAS recognized and included in the thinking and actions ofThe Economist article could well change the perspective from perception of threat to recognition of solution.  The second link below. 

A linked business to land ownership and development is water.  Here is last week’s Newsweek cover story, “LIQUID ASSET – BIG BUSINESS AND THE RACE TO CONTROL THE WORLD’S WATER.”  The third link below.

The fourth referece is to show how relevant an ISAS business with major government components can be to a specific land-water crisis/opportunity.  It is titled “The Nile Delta’s Sinking Future.”  Think about the New Nile video as you read it.  The fourth link below.

Feb 04 Kaplan’s The Coming Anarchy.doc

052109 Economist–Buying farmland abroad.doc

101810 Newsweek-Liquid Asset…Race to Control World’s Water.pdf

031910 Science-The Nile Delta’s Sinking Future.pdf

See also for more on ISAS. Email me for more about ISAS.

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