new energy and costs – not being realistic about innovation costs

October 5, 2010

We have a problem.


On the one hand we need the economy to grow in order to get the money for investment in clean tech. on the other hand it is a growing economy that gets us into trouble. Is anyone doing the math? For example, we compare the greenness or energy efficiency of one car (old) vs a another (new) without spread sheeting out the costs of that new car in terms of building the factory, workers driving to work there, transportation and mining  of materials, education of clerical staff (in energy terms), the roads used, the support services for those roads and drivers…

The result is that we could be building all new efficient tech with rapidly increasing total costs!


Following up on previous posts..As an example, the Rocky Mountain Institute, one of the tchnically best, has a new report

 that says, among much else that is very helpful. For example, pointing out the cost of failed projects, a real cost in terms of environmental impact as we go through a few win many fail innovation phase.

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