Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise: Events: The Independent Institute

August 10, 2010

There is a world of poverty, decline, and decay, and every place has problems that are promoted by government into crises that then have to be “solved” by new government programs. Now, my great theme for the last decade or so, which I have adopted from Peter Drucker, who is one of the great men of our era, is “Don’t solve problems, pursue opportunities.

This speech by William Grieder in 1994 shows how early and set the rhetoric of big government has been. The idea that change in government programs, rates at the Fed, or entrepreneurial activity, can make a big difference ignores the larger trends. If we were likely to go into decline, the questions has always been, who bears the costs and how can some kind of better future emerge? Return to industrial production and consumer demand has worn thin, in terms of quality of life and quality of the environment.


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