The place of the humanities. requires having a humanistic education

October 27, 2009

I've been thinking about the humanities and their relation to climate change thinking. We live in a society that is very thing oriented, to the point of being comfortable (what's the big deal?) of thinking of humans as things (scripted robots in some social science). The humanities educates us to the realm of other human qualities, from manners to spirituality to the drama of lived lives. So it is not just that humanities brings perspective to the way we think about trying to get climate change legislation and policy. it actually is a requirement first that people even recognize that the human side is important. Until they grant this, perspective from the humanities toward climate change issues (history for eample, or archeology), then those perspectives go unhheded because not even understood.

As sort of catch up, and nudged by a friend who said its good, I am reading The Three muskateers. I always thought it a kind of adolescent book, and read an adolescent targeted vesion when i was about 13. It is just terrific. the louts of youth, nevertheless are always musing about what they ought to be doing, how they ought to live and conduct themselves. Along the way there is also much about how each perceieves their fellow humans, the sly art of diagnosing one's companions. It is really an intense education and easy to imagine the hot shot hedge fund guys acting just as the Muskateers did, full of prride and ego – and insight (oh if only the later!).


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