What kind of government can cope?

October 25, 2009

We have a politics that is based on struggles between – among -factions. And with complexity and population increase, it seems to be capturalble by a small handful. Looking at our history, the war against Mexico, the war against the Philippines were small men wielding big newspapers and driving decisions without a full inquiry.

The decision to send trains across the continent, to allow smoking, to fund banks and create a federal reserve – reserved for its owners – were fateful an made some rich and impoverished the country. They were not even honest experiments in adaptation. Such experiments would allow us to go down some path, and, when the results are not good, reconsider. Now special interests own the infrastructure built on past decisions they often paid for.

How do we create a politics that is better at dealing with systemic and holistic issues? Monarchy, plutocracy, oligarchy, democracy? Technicians want a faster system, but more holistic tends to mean slower decision making and implementation. The cautionary principle is driving with the breaks on.

One advantage of monarchy is that because the society is the family, decisions tend to be based on the welfare of the family. The rub is of course that dad want's a larger share, and the kids make bad inheritors of the crown.


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