Stiglitz on Green tech

March 3, 2009

Obama’s chance to lead the green recovery

By Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas


Published: March 2 2009 19:16 | Last updated: March 2 2009 19:16

We face two crises: a deep global financial crisis, caused by inadequate management of risk in the financial sector; and an even deeper climate crisis, the effects of which may seem more distant but will be determined by the actions we take now.

The scale of risk from climate change is altogether of a different and greater magnitude, as are the consequences of mismanaging or ignoring it. The US, in particular, has a window of opportunity to act on the financial crisis and, at the same time, lay the foundations for a new wave of growth based on the technologies for a low-carbon economy.


One Response to “Stiglitz on Green tech”

  1. truthmerchant Says:

    From Keynes (New Deal), to Friedman (Neoliberalism), back to Keynes (global financial crisis)… where next?

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