DRAFT: Continuing the Discussion (from Jeff Chow )

January 21, 2009

DRAFT: Continuing the Discussion
Thank you for all of your participation and support to date.  To further our efforts, I will attempt to capture some of the key operating and guiding thoughts that are the foundation for our discussions.

With the financial crisis of 2008, we are in a period of rapid change.   With are experiencing:

  • A dramatic decline in the stock market (S&P 500 was down 37% in 2008),
  • The highest unemployment rates in over 15 years,
  • A record number of home foreclosures,
  • The toughest economy since the Great Depression,
  • An increase in the need for basic services like food and clothing,
  • A decrease in charitable donations, and
  • A new President.

Our economic system is certainly under extraordinary stress and is impacting every member of our society.  Hopefully, the financial stimulus packages being implemented will help turn our economy positive sooner rather than later.  With the urgency for change, we expect “waste and inefficiencies at the local level” (I actually am quoting these from a CNBC reporter).  As a group of concerned individuals, we are strategically examining and interrelationships of the issues facing the people in our society as well as the organizations and actions involved in addressing these issues.  Our intent is to identify areas where our resources and expertise can help make a difference.  The current economic crisis provides us with a unique opportunity contribute in coordination with other efforts for positive change.


Thank you Rich Green Ink for your support

Blog: https://continuingtheconversation.wordpress.com/

Doug has written up the notes from our last 2 meetings and Linda had sent a couple of interesting pieces on a couple of different groups doing related work. We are attempting to get them posted on the blog.
Thank you Bill Daul for getting this up an running so fast

Invitations to Join:  Please extend our invitation of anyone who might like to join


  • Communication
  • Inclusion
  • Diversification
  • Respect
  • Urgency
  • Efficiency

Most of us are 110% committed to other responsibilities.  We need to operate within our ability to balance all of our responsibilities.  We don’t expect people to dedicate large amounts of time to yet another project.  If people are not able to attend meetings, that is just fine.  We are THRILLED to have them monitor our activities electronically and participate in what ever manner they are able.


How do we evolve from being a group of “interest” to a group of “commitment”?

Identify and begin a project where we can have a positive impact and that will benefit from a process that can be replicated.  A single project may have limited impact.  If we can replicate the process, we may be able to have a dramatic impact.

Tactics (and next meeting agendas)

  • Map timeline, geography and resources
  1. Look for intersections on our map that could be coordinated to improve impact
  2. Identify additional resources required
  3. Develop action / “commitment” plans
  • This could involve an iterative process.
  1. The first step could be to invite key resources to our meeting and ask them about the current state of affairs and what help they need.

Jeffrey Chow
Financial Advisor
Western Division


One Response to “DRAFT: Continuing the Discussion (from Jeff Chow )”

  1. Susan Neville Says:

    I spoke with a field representative at Anna Eshoo’s office. There is no one available to attend the meeting tomorrow but perhaps next week. I’ll send her Jeff’s draft comments to give her an idea of the seed that is growing.

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